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Business success hinges on making decisions based on accurate strategic analysis and vision, effective project management and responsible leadership. At NLV International, we help companies identify changing global needs and how they can best position themselves to profitably satisfy those needs. We provide valuable management consulting, insights and strategic services to diverse oil and gas, energy, and related infrastructure companies doing cross-border business across the Western Hemisphere. We take responsible leadership with our clients to strategize and develop profitable new business, operations and partnerships in North, Central and South America.


NLV thinks global and acts local.  We have completed projects across Latin America working with some of the largest multinational corporate players and worked effectively with local governments and partners. We know the shortest path to high value may not be linear-it often requires flexibility and adaptation to local market conditions; but we are also inflexibly committed to sustainable and lawful practices furthering long-term investment, safety, and trust.

Our Services

Our Services


Doing business overseas-where both the language and customs may be foreign-can be challenging and expensive. You know there is a market for your product or services, but lack the in-country expertise and international project management skills to move forward. NLV International is a global solutions representative for companies seeking strategic advice and project management to position themselves in US and Latin American markets.

Features And Benefits

International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Business and Partners Development:

With over US$ 2 billion in international energy project development experience, NLV develops local customers and partnerships and supports all project development stages.

Enables client entering and expanding in target market faster, more effectively and safely, while deriving cost-savings at all development and operational stages.

Houston Executive summary

NLV International is headquartered in Houston, the international base for half of all equipment and services suppliers to the Brazil oil and gas industry. We are members of the Greater Houston Partnership, advisors to the Mayor of the City of Houston and Sister-Cities Program, and Counsel to the Consulate General of Brazil in Houston.  We chair the Houston-based US-Brazil Energy Forum, encouraging stronger commercial ties between Brazil, the US and international companies and institutions with offices in Houston.  

Brazil Executive Summary

NLV International is company-owned and operated by Brazilian-American professionals with deep roots and relations in both countries. We conduct business and partner development, strategic problem solving, acquisitions and divestitures, and corporate and trade financing throughout Brazil, with a presence in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador. The City of Rio de Janeiro is the Brazilian oil and gas capital and the worldwide headquarters of Petrobras, currently the world's third largest energy company, and of Brazil's National Petroleum Agency, the regulator enforcing concessions and local content.

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I've known Jon Vague for three years and we have worked together on three different projects that required good contacts, good logistics skills, and very good interpersonal skills. The latter are particularly important when dealing with two very different cultures, in my case the US and Brazil. I can recommend Jon and his group as effective facilitators for any activity of this sort. He has good contacts in both the US and Brazil and his educational experience in both law and business, plus his comprehensive knowledge of the energy business, qualify him to handle sensitive cross border commercial energy negotiations.

Mr. Eric Smith, former President and Chairman, Saipem America Inc., Houston, Texas, USA; Associate Director, 

Tulane University Energy Institute, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


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