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International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Business and Partners Development:

With over US$ 2 billion in international energy project development experience, NLV develops local customers and partnerships and supports all project development stages.

Enables client entering and expanding in target market faster, more effectively and safely, while deriving cost-savings at all development and operational stages.

Practical Example: NLV produced a strategic market-entry plan and engaged in hands-on joint venture development for a major foreign oil and gas infrastructure player doing business in Brazil, adding value to the company's CEO by providing insights to critical development paths.


Strategic Problem Solving:

With years of experience serving Fortune 100 energy companies, NLV brings solutions to resolve diverse challenges-from local content to taxation to intellectual property.

Resolves diverse problems and structuring challenges to the client's business plan in a highly discrete, safe and effective manner. 

Practical Examples: NLV analyzed and developed local content strategies for oil and gas infrastructure company seeking to export production platforms and vessels from US to Brazil, adding critical international structuring expertise to company's developers.


Negotiations and Government Relations:

NLV has negotiated with energy ministries, regulatory agencies and market players in their respective languages, effectively linking industry players and governments. 

Achieves business negotiations and government affairs objectives faster, improving communication and building long-term trust.   

Practical Example: NLV played major role in developing successful arguments for major foreign multi-national infrastructure company negotiating with Brazilian authorities, adding value by customizing for client its key arguments in terms that made sense to Brazilian authorities.


Acquisitions and Divestitures:

Experienced with energy A&D deals as large as US $1.5 billion in Brazil and other countries, NLV provides effective sell-side and buy-side services in diverse areas.  

Results in A&D projects buyer instantly gaining market share, contracts and technologies, and A&D projects seller exiting market advantageously.

Practical Example: NLV developed and closed for foreign direct investor a US $1billion energy company acquisition in Brazil, supervising all aspects of bid and post-acquisition transition management involving more than 300 local employees.


Corporate and Trade Financing:

NLV understands corporate and trade financing institutions, structures and programs, including US Export-Import Bank, BNDES and others.

Develops the most appropriate financing structures for clients investment or trade project leading to financial closing.

Practical Example: NLV represented oil and gas infrastructure joint venture involving foreign and Brazilian groups in US and Brazil in developing financing, involving liaising with US Exim Bank, Brazils BNDES and commercial lenders.

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