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NLV International is headquartered in Houston, the international base for half of all equipment and services suppliers to the Brazil oil and gas industry. We are members of the Greater Houston Partnership, advisors to the Mayor of the City of Houston and Sister-Cities Program, and Counsel to the Consulate General of Brazil in Houston.  We chair the Houston-based US-Brazil Energy Forum, encouraging stronger commercial ties between Brazil, the US and international companies and institutions with offices in Houston.  We are active participants, supporters and sponsors of Houstons energy industry conferences, associations and professional and social activities involving Brazil and international communities, the arts and education, Rotary International and other charitable causes.


Houston offers the world's largest concentration of major operators, service providers and financiers in the oil and gas and energy infrastructure industry. Houston's high concentration of oil and gas and energy infrastructure expertise and experience has meant a large number of relocations to the Houston region, including many Brazilian oil and gas operators and engineering companies, such as Petrobras, Odebrecht, Votorantim and HRT. More than 3,700 energy-related establishments are located within the Houston Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), including more than 500 exploration and production firms, more than 150 pipeline transportation establishments and hundreds of manufacturers and wholesalers of energy-sector products. Houston is home to 42 of the nation's 141 publicly-traded oil and gas exploration and production firms, including most of the top firms. Petrobras' largest foreign subsidiary, Petrobras America, is headquartered in Houston, exerting key international procurement, development and operational functions for E&P and refinery assets.


The nine refineries in the Houston region produce 2.33 million barrels of crude oil per calendar day-nearly 15% of the total U.S. capacity. The logistics for moving much of the nation's petroleum and natural gas across the country are controlled from Houston. Thirteen of the nation's 20 largest US interstate oil pipeline companies have a presence in the Houston and control 41.5% of U.S. oil pipeline capacity. Fifteen of the nation's top 20 natural gas transmission companies have headquarters in Houston, controlling 57.3 % of U.S. capacity.


Houston is the ideal gateway for the internationalization of the Brazilian energy and infrastructure industries to North and Central America and a strategic location for Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia business development. Houston is a leading international center: 

More than 1 million Houstonians-over one in five-are foreign-born. The MSA ranks Houston fourth nationally in the number of Hispanics and ninth in the number of Asians. The Brazilian community is growing rapidly.

Ninety-four countries have official government representation in Houston ranking it as one of the top three cities in the nation in the number of consular offices. The Consulate General of Brazil in Houston serves the oil and gas region states in the U.S.

Houston has 17 sister-city relationships promoting business opportunities across five continents: Africa (1), Asia (6), Australia (1), Europe (7), and Americas (2). Houston is formalizing a sister-city relationship with Rio de Janeiro. 

More than 30 foreign governments maintain trade and commercial offices, chambers of commerce or trade associations in Houston. 

Texas is the nation's largest exporter.

In 2008, the Port of Houston ranked as the world's 15th largest port in terms of tonnage. In 2008, it ranked first in the U.S. in foreign tonnage and in tonnage for trade with Brazil. 

Total value of foreign trade through the Port in 09 was estimated at $106.3 billion. The Port's leading trading partners by value in 2009 were Mexico, Brazil, China, Venezuela and Germany. Brazil is a key, fast-growth target market for the Port. 

The Houston Airport System served more than 48.5 million travelers in 2009. It is the fourth largest multi-airport system in the nation and the sixth largest in the world, and it is the eighth largest international passenger gateway in the U.S. 

Houston is the international air gateway to the Southwest, providing nonstop service to approximately 170 destinations, ranking Houston third behind New York (JFK) and Chicago (ORD).

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