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Doing business overseas-where both the language and customs may be foreign-can be challenging and expensive. You know there is a market for your product or services, but lack the in-country expertise and international project management skills to move forward. NLV International is a global solutions representative for companies seeking strategic advice and project management to position themselves in US and Latin American markets.


A Houston-based company with strong associations in Latin America, NLV specializes in identifying changing global needs and how companies can best position themselves to profitably satisfy those needs. We provide strategic problem-solving for companies entering US and Latin American energy markets, or those seeking to partner with Latin American companies expanding into North America.


Our services include:

•Business insights, analysis, strategy and planning

•Partnership and joint venture development/negotiations

•Regulatory guidance and government relations

•Corporate change and transition

•Acquisition and divestiture


NLV can help you form key strategic local partnerships, identify customers, and retain the best third-party service providers to assure that you enter the market more effectively and at a lower cost. We are experienced in solving diverse problems for Fortune 100 companies and international investors, such as structuring taxation, advising on local compliance, resolving labor disputes, and safeguarding intellectual property.


We have worked closely with national and local governments in the US and Latin American countries to help clients achieve their business objectives quickly and cost-effectively. Not only does NLV fluently speak the local languages of the countries in which we do business, we also know the language of the international energy industry and government affairs.


NLV International provides services that are highly-customized to each clients needs and objectives. Our goal is to help our clients succeed in this rapid-growth international market.

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