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In international business, relationships are the key to success. At NLV International, we take great pride in the strong partnerships-based in trust, integrity, and adherence to commitments-that we have established with clients and colleagues. We are honored by their testimonials. Find out from diverse trusted sources about what makes NLV International and Jon Vague so unique.

Client Testimonials

I've known Jon Vague for three years and we have worked together on three different projects that required good contacts, good logistics skills, and very good interpersonal skills. The latter are particularly important when dealing with two very different cultures, in my case the US and Brazil. I can recommend Jon and his group as effective facilitators for any activity of this sort. He has good contacts in both the US and Brazil and his educational experience in both law and business, plus his comprehensive knowledge of the energy business, qualify him to handle sensitive cross border commercial energy negotiations.

Mr. Eric Smith, former President and Chairman, Saipem America Inc., Houston, Texas, USA; Associate Director, 

Tulane University Energy Institute, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


Jon Vague is simply remarkable. I'm amazed at his global connections and his ability to get things done. He's a consummate professional and has the experience to make any project succeed beyond expectations.

Mr. Terence O'Neill, Director of International Affairs, City of Houston, Texas, USA


Having worked in the oil and gas industry and private equity for many years, I know how important it is to get solid advice and build real relationships with partners from other countries. I highly recommend Jon Vague for his culturally-based understanding of both the U.S. and the Brazilian energy markets and the key players in each. He is efficient, ethical, and particularly helpful in integrating U.S. equipment and service companies with the Brazilian petroleum industry.

Stephen Hillard, CEO, Council Tree Investors, LLC., Austin, Texas, USA


I have known Jon Vague for over 10 years and have collaborated with Jon on various projects of an international nature, primarily focused on Brazil. Jon and I have jointly participated in presentations in Rio, Houston, Lafayette and New Orleans, and we continue to collaborate on presentations related to U.S.-Brazil energy transactions. Jon has fostered and maintained an extensive network of contacts in the energy and maritime sectors, and remains as much a business facilitator, as a business promoter, for U.S.-Brazil transactions. As a Brazilian-born American, Jon's contacts, English and Brazilian-Portuguese language skills and business orientation, allow him to consult and guide U.S. companies in Brazil, as well as in-bound work from Brazilian companies.

Stephen T. Miller, Senior Partner, Jones Walker Law Firm, Houston, Texas


Jon [Vague], I have studied your approach [to developing our project in Brazil]. It is not only excellent but better than excellent. Glad you are on our team. Impressive!

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of major US offshore infrastructure company


I have known Jon for years now and he's committed entirely to his clients. He has very extensive knowledge in the energy industry and he is always committed to give more than what is expected of him. Jon's multicultural experience makes him have a better understanding of the global requirements of his clients, which makes him one of the best in his field.

Mr. Rogelio López-Velarde, Founder and Managing Partner, López-Velarde, Heftye y Soria Law Firm, Mexico City, Mexico

Colleague Testimonials

I have known Jon for 10 years.  He has extensive knowledge of the Brazilian market and culture.  He is very sincere and dedicated and maintains an impressive network of contacts, exemplified by his work as Founding Chairman of the US-Brazil Energy Forum and his representation of firms in both countries.

Mr. Bradley Patterson, Managing Director, Business Development for a Fortune 100 multi-national energy company, Houston, Texas, USA


I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Jon Vague at Duke Energy. Jon worked on multi-billion dollar acquisitions of power generating facilities and added immense value to the company. He is very knowledgeable in the energy sector, specifically in the legal as well as the business development areas of power generation and oil & gas markets. Jon's multi-cultural attributes with his language skills were a valuable asset to Duke Energy in developing successful opportunities in Brazil. 

Mr. Karl Masani, Director, LNG Tech & Licensing, ConocoPhillips, Houston, Texas, USA


Like few I've met, Jon seamlessly moves in a multicultural world, easily adapting his style to be a leader in thought and action while maintaining his individuality. He is highly intelligent, dedicated, ethical, practical and motivated. His humility and understated style belies the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to any situation. He genuinely cares for the people he is close to and is a pleasure to work with and easy to recommend.

Mr. Martin Evans, VP HR, Business Functions at Kimberly-Clark, Dallas, Texas, USA 


I have known Jon Vague for several years and believe he has a unique set of capabilities. Jon is in an energy sweet spot interconnecting Brazil and the United States. He has the background, network, and credentials to add real value in this interface. Jon also has the vision through the formation of the US-Brazil Energy Forum to enhance the growth of opportunities between these two very powerful countries in the energy landscape.

Mr. Lane Sloan, former President, Shell Chemical Company; President, Sloan Consulting Services, Houston, Texas, USA


I have been in touch with Jon Vague for the almost 9 years in which he acted as our firm's representative in Houston. Besides being a competent, business-oriented attorney, Jon has a deep knowledge of the Brazilian market and culture, a somewhat rare quality much appreciated by clients. Also, his knowledge of the international oil & energy business makes him a valuable consultant for international companies doing business in Brazil and for the increasing number of Brazilian companies involved in the international market.  

Dr. Fernando Koury, Managing Partner, KLA- Koury Lopes Advogados Law Firm, Sao Paulo, Brazil


I had the opportunity to work with Jon Vague in several matters but I would like to mention one, where we were involved with a very complex issue regarding an entity interests in inbound investments in Brazil and different aspects of this investment (structure, judicial matters related to the investments, thoughts for the future, among others). Jon was able to provide to the entity focused and safe advice, grounded in professional experience and a broad perspective of Brazil.

Dr. Rodrigo Jacobina, Senior Partner, Doria, Jacobina, Rosado e Gondinho Law Firm, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I have known Jon Vague since his years as a student at the university [in 1986], where he completed several of my courses and was my academic advisee. Jon and I have been in touch since his graduation, and I have followed his academic and professional careers with great pride. Jon worked as an adjunct faculty member at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, and, reflecting his loyalty and commitment to those following in his footsteps, he has provided internships for several of our students. My ongoing association with Jon has been rewarding at both the personal and professional levels. His is a charm borne of sincerity and personal warmth as well as ability to communicate articulately his professional knowledge. I look forward to drawing on his ever-expanding knowledge of his field.

Barry Wilbratte, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Economics & Finance and former Associate Dean, Cameron School of Business, Univ. of St. Thomas-Houston, Texas, USA 


Jon Vague is a great person and very serious professional with a large experience in negotiation and business development.

Dr. Maria Alice Doria, Managing Partner, Doria, Jacobina, Rosado e Gondinho Law Firm, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Jon Vague is a doer. He has the background, skillset, connections and know-how to get things done. Jon also has an amazing charisma that makes working with him enjoyable as he works tirelessly to build a stronger bridge between Brazil and the United States.

Ms. Meredith Iler, President, The Strategic Alliance, Houston, Texas, USA


I have known Jon Vague since 2008. He is brilliant, industrious, and innovative.  His background and experience are impeccable. He is a good bridge between Houston and Brazil, and an asset to both.

Joanne King Herring, CEO, Marshall Plan Charities, Houston, Texas, USA; Public figure and notorious international affairs activist supporting freedom in Southwest Asia portrayed to American audiences in the 2007 movie Charlie Wilson's War.

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